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People are the core of our company. We motivate and challenge each other every day. We’re on the lookout for smart, productive people that will enjoy our culture. Think you’re a good fit?

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Developer-led and developer-focused.

We hire talented developers, life-long learners, great communicators and skilled problem-solvers. You deserve a welcoming, flexible workplace that challenges you to stretch your mind and try new things every day. Here, you’ll be on a tightly-knit team, working directly with clients on a wide range of technologies.

What makes it awesome here?

Interesting, diverse projects

We do everything from e-commerce to really high tech custom software for predictive analytics or even mobile apps for agriculture.

Wide range of languages and platforms

We use cutting edge technologies. Everything from jQuery, Java, Rails, PHP, to Android and everything else. Do you bring other technologies to the table? Get in touch with us, we’re always looking to learn new stuff.

Lots of teamwork

Surround yourself with the best developers in town. We work together to learn and teach each other to become the best developers we can be.

Team training sessions

This is where we cross-train each other on our knowledge of different languages. Sometimes it’s self-guided experiments, sometimes it’s team-driven. One this is certain, we’re always learning.

Flexible work schedule

Family stuff? Taking your car into the shop? You have a life to live. We get that. Our people are committed to delivering for our clients. And we accommodate your schedule.

Company parties

Each quarter we throw a party for the team and once a year that’s a friends and family thing. We throw cocktail parties, go bowling, shoot pool, play ping pong, get food catered for sporting events and have fun.

Every day is different

One minute you’re helping somebody build a social network in the Caribbean and the next you’re working on projects to help missionaries raise money. The variety is amazing.

Old Market office with free parking

You’ll be walking distance to tons of coffee shops, restaurants and other creative groups. Plus, don’t deal with the hassle of parking meters – we have free off street parking near the office.

Food and drinks!

We go out as a team every Friday for lunch. We have unlimited beverages (soda pop, water and coffee) as well as a company tab at various places in the Old Market.

Comfortable, casual atmosphere

Feeling the zen of going shoe-less? Celebrating no-shave November? We all have to express ourselves in different ways from time to time. At Agape Red we encourage you to get in a groove that helps you do your best work.

Paid overtime

We work hard, but we also believe family is first here. When work is really busy, don’t worry – we’ll make sure to take care of you. The bottom line is a good work-life balance.


Work at home, come into the office or work off-site at a client’s place. Feel free to wear pajamas and work from your bed, just remember to dress the part when we go to a client’s site.

The agape in Agape Red

A big part of what makes Agape Red different is the agape. We work to help people – to solve their problems. That’s what we do, it’s who we are. Working with us means you love helping clients through the use of technology – both the savvy ones and the beginners.

“I know a bunch of different developers in town, nobody is as excited about their job as I am mine.”

Andrew Neely

Agape Red Developer

“I'm thrilled as an intern I get paid to learn and work with amazing people.”

Alec Larsen

now an Agape Red Developer