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Based in Omaha, Nebraska - the heart of the midwest, we're extremely fortunate to work with awesome clients all over the country.

Workexample praxidyn


Cloud software, Geospatial technology, Rails, Embedded hardware, Android

Praxidyn is a team of agricultural engineers who came to us with a prototype Windows tablet app. We built software that measures chemicals within fractions of an ounce, adapts to changing weather and field conditions and shares information across multiple devices. We created a C library to handle consistent calculations across multiple platforms.

During the past two years of working with Praxidyn, we have built their web portal, Android software, architecture and embedded the software into their machines.

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Woodhouse Auto Family

Consulting, Support, Development, Inventory management, eCommerce

Woodhouse Auto Family is one of the nation's leading auto families with dozens of locations across the Midwest. Their web site handles roughly 116 thousand visitors a month, peaking at 1,600 per day. It also functions as the CRM for all of Woodhouse's sales and marketing.

We provide ongoing maintenance and consulting services to develop stable, efficient software capable of handling heavy loads on both the front and back ends. We have optimized routine procedures by as much as 80%.

Workexample layeredhealth

Layered Health

Custom-built Rails Engines, Foundation

Layered Health is a health tracking platform. We built the technology to integrate with fitness wearables. Companies can use it to initiate wellness programs with interactive games. Users can add personal goals, track company goals, create teams and earn points.

The technology is used to guide client rehabilitation. Physicians lead a patient through a preloaded rehabilitation program or design their own. Doctors see a program overview, filter based on injury, track patient progress, and send email updates and health assessments.

Workexample ballothero

Ballot Hero

Rails, Geospatial technology, Data Analysis, Mobile Web

We teamed up with the folks at NewBLK and Jim Esch to develop a voter education tool for the Nebraska Midterm Elections. Ballot Hero processes large sets of government data into one easy-to-use system that delivers unbiased information on every office, candidate, and ballot initiative. It uses geospatial data to help you find your polling place and it's mobile friendly to accompany you while voting.

Ballot Hero is planning to support more locations in 2015.

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